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If you're the personal partner of someone who is starting a business, you can pretty much look in the mirror and know "about us":  Start-up Spouses is a group of people just like you!  Coming from all walks of life, our other halves are trying to get businesses off the ground.  Big businesses, small businesses, new businesses, franchises, dot.coms, traditional outlets, our entrepreneurs range from first-timers to people who've created lots of companies over the years.  As different as they are, is as different as we are.  Some of us don't work at all, while others have jobs or even companies of our own. was started in 2007 by an entrepreneur's wife who had been through the process more than a few times. While there are some things she's come to know and is happy to share about the process, operates more like a wiki, allowing all of its members to share their expertise and find answers to their current issues. If you are interested to contact for an article, video segment or other media you are creating, please feel free to contact us at Press Room.


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